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Rachael Lampa Pictures
Pictures were obtained from other sources. Photographers are unknown

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blur6 rachblu RLfAaronNeville RLfBoyzIIMenRelease
Rachael and Aaron Neville Rachael and Boyz II Men
RLfJames051901 RLfJoyWilliamsRSJ061601 RLfMandyMoore012302 RLfNicoleMullenJeff
Rachael, Staccie Orrico, and Plus One (and some other dude) Rachael Lampa, Rebecca St.James, Joy Williams Rachael and Mandy Moore @ the premiere of A Walk To Remember Rachael, Nicole C. Mullen, Jeff
RLfReneeGrantWilliams RLfRyanKimJody1001 RLfSheilaWalshJeremyMhire070701 RLfStacia051901
Rachael and Renee Grant Williams (her vocal coach)